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industrial's Journal

Industrial Music Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A community for the discussion of industrial music, its subgenres, related genres, and similar topics of interest to industrial music fans.

Discussion related to the making of industrial/electronic/experimental music is welcome, as well as discussion related to the politics or meanings of industrial music or industrial musicians.

Please read the rules below and make sure you understand them.

This is a community for the discussion of music. Pay special attention to that. The discussion of music, not the promotion of music. We want a high signal-to-noise ratio, hence the following rules and guidelines:

The following is a list of posts not allowed here:

  • Off-topic posts. I.e., anything not having to do with industrial music/bands/artists/shows/politics. This includes off-topic posts hidden behind an on-topic post. (Such as something which has one line of on-topic content followed by twenty lines of some nonsense nobody but you cares about.) Some leeway is given to regularly contributing members.

  • Self-promoting and self-serving posts. This includes advertisements for your community or band. Exceptions are made for regularly contributing members.

  • Ebay posts.

  • Pictures of yourself. Do not post simply looking for attention. This includes posting pictures of your bad art, or posting your bad goth poetry. You will be mocked, and your post will be deleted.

  • Posts which disallow commenting. This is a community, not a personal journal. If you want to write out a monologue, do it in your own journal. On a similar note, please make entries publicly visible. The more people outside the community who can see the activity in the community, the more people are likely to join in the discussion.

  • Club/event advertisements or playlists. Due to the growing amount of ads/playlists, the community members have voted to no longer allow them. Playlists should be posted in playlists. Advertisements should be posted in your local or regional community. If you are looking for the ads or playlists for your local clubs, look for your local/regional community.

  • Quizzes and quiz results. Post those in your own journal. Nobody here cares.

  • Introductory "I'm new" posts without content. Do not just say hello because you're new to the community. If you wish to do so, do it in a post that has actual content (a question or some other form of potential music discussion).

  • Posts whining about deleted posts, deleted comments, banned users or the community rules. All of these rules exist for a reason. If you don't like these rules, there are plenty of other communities, and we suggest you find one.

Posts that are off-topic, annoying, or do not follow the above rules can and will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

If you have any serious questions or problems, take them to thehangedman, drogg, or dirtybunny. Otherwise, use your best judgement.